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Automation : Truncate ( Trim) white spaces in header and in field values

Hi, I have further issue with automation: #1003

I try to run an automation with CSV data like this ( see image below)

In this file the cells contain an excessive amount of extra spaces BEFORE and AFTER the cell's values. 

The automation runs successfully, because of the latest patches you guys made to the automation scrpt(s), so instead of getting the Failed to make guid (upc in my case) error, the automation script skips all the rows... so no value changes/updates...

Please let me know how to handle this file

  • Hey Erno, we just released a patch which should automatically trim whitespace from the beginning and end of identifier fields.

    Try running the automation again, and it should work now!

  • Now I feel like I am part of the SureDone's testing team:)

    At the SEMA show you guys buying at the bars! Thanks for the patch:)

  • Ok, I tried it it works.

    Now, I have 1 file, where one of the header has a space front of it:

    " Quantity Available"; Notice the extra space. Is your patch is removing the extra space in the headers too?

  • Hey Erno, the patch only removes the space for the items themselves (for matching purposes), not the headers. So if your file has that extra space, you would just need to have in field_map something like "stock": " Quantity Available" for example. Hope that helps!

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