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Automation: Skip some rows in the imported file ( vendor data file)


we have some inventory data, XLS files, to import via the automation.

We set up the automation, and it runs with an error. We use the UPC field from the file to match agains the upc SureDone field.

The issue is with the file. In one of the rows, in the file, the UPC data is missing , with other words the cell in empty. 


If I delete this row of the file, or type a dummy value into the cell where the UPC should be, then the import runs fine.

How do we go around this issue?

See full code below:



"regex":"/my file* 06-05-2020*-test.xls/",



"diff_update": 1,



 "stock":" Qty_Available"




















  • Hey Erno, we've addressed this issue on our end and have just released a patch to only log the failure on a per-item basis, instead of failing the entire automation. Hopefully this should fix your issue!

  • Update: I have tested it with automation again#846

    The automation still fails. This automation I will change it to use the guid, but use can still see the same issue with automation #1003.

  • Hey Erno, could you try testing automation 1003 again? I just tried a debug run now and can see it succeeds. You may be able to see a log item like this: "Failed to make 'upc' from item", but this will only generate per-failed-item. The automation will still succeed overall and there should be a debug file successfully produced with the remaining 3 items and their corresponding stock updates.

    Let me know if you're able to see this!

  • Yes, that seems to be working now, thanks!

  • it seems to be working now, but the "Failed to make 'upc' from item", error message threw me off; would be nice to actually see a report ( similar to the debug run file report)

  • Hey Erno, glad it's working now! Thanks for the suggestion as well, and yes we're looking to continually improve logging and reporting!

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