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Automation for Google Drive

One of the manufacturers provides a google sheet as an inventory ( with a public access)

How would you set up an automation for this?

  • Hey Erno,

    In the connection part of the config, try setting "method" to "GET" and "address" to "<yourkey>/export?exportFormat=csv", and set up the rest of the config as normal.

    Let me know if that works, and if it doesn't, if you can provide the link to the spreadsheet, I can try to test locally and provide a working config. 

  • Hi Shivaji, 

    one of our clients ,, asked if we can use SD automation to write to a google drive file ( it would be an XLS file, not a CSV)?

    Can we use automation to send  product data from SD to a google drive XLS file? Is there any specific instructions on this ?

    PLease let me know.

  • Hi Erno,

    RE writing XLS file - there is no native support for writing those sheets though you could name the file with .xls extension and will write the csv data to it without issue.


  • Hi Jason, thanks ! I wonder do I change the /export?exportFormat=csv to /import?imortFormat=csv" ?

    Currently, for reading from the file,  I have /export?exportFormat=csv 

    for example  I can read the file without any problem:


    "name":"MyFIleName - ShopifyDepartmentsLookuplist.csv"

    Here the  "ShopifyDepartmentsLookuplist" is the tab name in the file.

  • Not sure - you'll have to consult the google drive documentation.

    Reading native xls files works either way.

  • Great ! Thanks Jason

  • HI Jason, I was not able to create the connection. I mean in the Google API we gave this:


    How does this translates to SureDone's API 

    For reading we use GET<yourkey>/export?exportFormat=csv

    But where do I plug in the range of values ?

  • Could you paste how you would do it in CURL - then we can advise how it translates to the Automation config

  • Hi Jason, I have this; I cannmake it work for SFTP, but not for Google Sheet.

    So far I have this:








    "name":"Company-SD-Daily-Inventory - InventoryTab.csv",

    "search":"(guid:269184 guid:269159)",

    "diff_update": 1,



















  • Hi Erno,

    Please share how it would work in raw CURL - then we can advise what is missing from the config.



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