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How to install a Shared/Published Automation Integration

We have several pre-installed Shared/Published automations ready to get you started.

What is a Shared/Published Automation:

Shared/Published Automation integration is common to all SureDone users and is built on the same underlying logic. This eliminates the need to creating same automation multiple times for every user. All SureDone users can enter their vendor credentials and install the automation right away. 

Example: Consider an inventory automation where we need to pull stock values from a specific field via FTP or API connection. The underlying mapping for this would remain same for every user and only thing that varies would be connection details (API credentials Or FTP credentials). 


We have several shared/published automations across vendors with types such as inventory update, SKU import, catalog, cost, order dropshipping, etc.

So, what are you waiting for! Let's get started!

Steps to install a Shared /Published Automation:

Here are the steps to install a Shared/Published Automation in your SureDone account:

1. Go to Dashboard > Automations and click the button that says - 'Install New Automation'.

2. You will be taken to Published Automations page where you will see all shared automations. You can search with the "vendor" name and click on the Automation you want to install.

3)  You will now see "Instructions" page with brief information on type of the automation, schedule, requirements, contact information for the vendor, prerequisites and about section explaining how the automation works along with links for the support guide.

4) Please read all instructions carefully and then follow the prompts to install the automation.