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Access Reports

Users now have the ability to compare and visualize stats that are most important to their business. The feature is currently in beta phase. 

You can use Reports to streamline better sales and marketing strategies for multiple marketplaces. Lets us take over the task of data tracking and analysis while you focus your precious time to strategize on increasing sales using insights from the Reports. Our reports are categorized into Accounting, Inventory, Purchasing, and Sales. You can find reports under each category. You can open and customize the reports most relevant to you.

For example, you may use our COGS summary report to get a quick look at your costs over a period by SKU or dig deep into the Detailed COGS

You can view Reports under various categories, filter by date range, and download the data file. 

  1. To access, find Reports on the sidebar:

  2. You will see Reports sorted into several categories. Click on individual reports to access them:

3.  Select a date range for your report

Note: you can also filter by sku or limit under the more filters option

4. You will be presented with your report.

You will notice a visual representation (bar chart) and

You will also notice a tabular representation: 

5.  You can download your report using the download report button at the bottom of the page: