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Settings & Custom Field Mapping

After the Facebook integration has been authorized, settings may be set by going to Channels > Facebook > Settings:

  • Select Product Link Source to determine source of storefront product page links sent to Facebook. By default will utilize field mapping (which defaults to SureDone storefront URLs), otherwise if a valid storefront integration is chosen Facebook listings will be populated with storefront integration product URLs.
  • Select Product Link Source Instance if a Product Link Source other than Default Mapping is selected.

  • You may setup advanced mapping of product attributes by clicking Manage Fields: (many common fields are mapped by default)
    • Note: link is mapped to SureDone storefront URLs by default
    • These fields can be mapped to default fields added to the account (i.e. size, color, etc) or custom user fields created in Settings > Custom Fields. Fields can be filtered for each tab by using the Filter text field: 

Once all desired fields are mapped, the "Save change" button can be clicked to save changes: