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How To: List an item on Etsy

Etsy is a great marketplace for handmade, vintage or craft supply items. If you are unsure about the types of products to list on Etsy, glance through their categories and see if your products would be a great fit on this listing channel.

Prior to listing on Etsy, you will want to set it up properly under Settings. Follow this guide to help you with that.

Requirements to list on Etsy:

Simple Products

Fill out the required fields. Simple products require:

  • Title
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Condition
  • Description (General or Etsy specific)
  • Who Made
  • When Made
  • Shipping Template
  • Category ID
  • Taxonomy ID (and any required fields that taxonomy id might have)
  • Is Supply (boolean, always present in UI may not be present in bulk file)

Listing an item on Etsy via SureDone User Interface

1.  Click on Products > New Product

2.  If you are using the SureDone SKU Generator, then you can leave the SKU blank, otherwise type in your SKU

3.  Fill out of all the required fields (title, price, stock) and anything else you want to include

4. Upload your images (to upload multiple images, you can hold down shift and select multiple photos, or you can hold down control and click on multiple images)

5.  Fill out your full description.  If you want to use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, you can turn the switch from OFF to ON

6. Scroll down to the Etsy options on the listing page. If you entered the Title at the top of the listing, it will automatically be used. You only need to enter a different title here if you want to use something different than other channels (assuming you are listing on other channels).


7. Shipping Template - your shipping profiles need to be setup within Etsy if you haven't ever set these up. You cannot list an item from a 3rd party software (SureDone) without a Shipping Profile, even if you're offering Free Shipping. Etsy's Support section can assist with setting these Shipping Profiles up.

8. Price is used if you want to enter a separate price from what was entered at the top of the page. If you want to use the same price, feel free to leave this blank.

9. Who Made and When Made are drop down selections that can be defaulted in the Settings Page if you list the same type of items.

10. Supply is only an indicator if the product you are selling is a craft supply. In order to list a supply, you must be approved by Etsy.

11. If you only want to list to Etsy, you must click Skip next to the other channels. Once you have made your channel selections, click Add Item to list the item.


  1. Fill out the required fields

Variations require the same fields as simple products. But make sure you include To create variations on SureDone, fill it out as you would a normal product.

  1. Hit create draft instead.
  2. In the draft make sure you have at least one property value but no more than two filled in for the taxonomy ID. Skip all, and hit update to save this to the item.
  3. Hit create Variation and fill in a different GUID at least.
  4. Change the field you want vary on, and anything else. Skip All and hit update.
  5. Navigate back to the parent, make sure you're sending it to the channel now.
  6. Hit relist!

NOTE: Etsy variations can only vary on 2 properties!

And you should see listing ID's on the parent and child and they should match.


In addition to choosing the default options, you can also import your products from Etsy into SureDone. In addition to the live items, you can also import orders as well.

Bulk Listing on Etsy

Still referring to the minimum requirements listed above, those absolutely need to be in your spreadsheet prior to trying to bulk upload or else your items will not be able to list.

Example .csv spreadsheet to Add and List items 

Etsy has a published list of fields that can be used which you can find here.

Etsy fields that can be used in a bulk spreadsheet 

Once you've finished creating your spreadsheet, in SureDone click Bulk. Then, find Upload File and click "Choose File".

NOTE: If you do not want the items listed on other channels, be sure to checkbox "Skip eBay" and any other channel you currently have activated. If you do not select Skip, and only leave Etsy available, you will list these products on all channels.