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How To: Setup Etsy

Integrating SureDone with Etsy

While logged into your SureDone account, Navigate to the plugin settings page - Settings > Plugins. The first thing you need to do is authorize SureDone to have access to your Etsy account. Click the Authorize button at the bottom of the screen to type in your Etsy username and password.

Create a new etsy instance and click Authorize (make sure you allow popups):

Sign into your etsy account:

Click Allow. This will save back OAuth creds and set up the Default Custom Field Mappings for the instance if it is the first time you're authorizing and no previous mappings exist:

You will be taken back to the plugin settings page:

On the plugin settings page configure your settings to your liking, and make sure you refresh the drop-downs that don't have values. These are the defaults for new products:

Note:  your shipping profiles need to be setup within Etsy if you haven't ever set these up. You cannot list an item from a 3rd party software (SureDone) without a Shipping Profile, even if you're offering Free Shipping. Etsy's Support section can assist with setting these Shipping Profiles up.

In addition to choosing the default options, you can also import your products from Etsy into SureDone. In addition to the live items, you can also import orders as well.