Integrating SureDone with Etsy

1. While logged into your SureDone account, go to Settings > Plugins. The first thing you need to do is authorize SureDone to have access to your Etsy account. Click the Authorize button at the bottom of the screen to type in your Etsy username and password.

2. Next, your shipping profiles need to be setup within Etsy if you haven't ever set these up. You cannot list an item from a 3rd party software (SureDone) without a Shipping Profile, even if you're offering Free Shipping. Etsy's Support section can assist with setting these Shipping Profiles up.

3. Back in SureDone, there are default settings you can select to make listing quicker. If you do not choose an option while listing, the default you set here will be what is used.

In addition to choosing the default options, you can also import your products from Etsy into SureDone. In addition to the live items, you can also import orders as well.

Listing Individual Items on Etsy

Etsy requires the following fields in order to list:

  • Title
  • Price
  • Stock (quantity)
  • Category
  • Shipping Profile

Images, Description, Who Made and When Made aren't required but will help with selling your item.

Bulk Listing on Etsy

Still referring to the minimum requirements listed above, those absolutely need to be in your spreadsheet prior to trying to bulk upload or else your items will not be able to list.

Example .csv spreadsheet to Add and List items 

Etsy has a published list of fields that can be used which you can find here.

Etsy fields that can be used in a bulk spreadsheet 

Once you've finished creating your spreadsheet, in SureDone click Bulk. Then, find Upload File and click "Choose File".

NOTE: If you do not want the items listed on other channels, be sure to checkbox "Skip eBay" and any other channel you currently have activated. If you do not select Skip, and only leave Etsy available, you will list these products on all channels.