Re-authorizing the Etsy plugin is pretty straightforward, there are only a couple of things that should be done in order to make sure the plugin would be re-authorized successfully and please see the steps and screenshots below:

1. Once you have logged in on Etsy, navigate to the Apps tab, where the channel would display the current apps, that are connected:

2. Then SureDone need to be removed from the Apps list 

3. Make sure, that the the pop up blockers are not enabled in the browser, because if they are the next steps could not be followed:

4. Once you hit Re-Authorize, an Etsy login window would appear where the credentials need to be filled in:

5. After you have signed in, you need to grant access and need to hit the Allow Access button:

6. After this is done, SureDone would again appear in the Apps tab with an updated Authorized date: