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bigcommerce: The requested resource was not found.


"bigcommerce: The requested resource was not found."


Typically this error can be triggered when the particular item has been deleted directly on BigCommerce and because of this SureDone wouldn't be able to control that SKU anymore.


The solution is to

Step 1: Create a bulk edit file with the corresponding GUIDs for the affected items and their BigCommerce listingid and sku identifiers cleared out. Once the *.csv file has been uplaoded, then the blank cells under the headers bigcommercelistingid and bigcommercesku in the C & D columns would overwrite and delete any previous values for those fields, which would allow you to push and relist the item successfully on that instance and see the example below:

Need to check "Force" and "Skip All Channels" before you hit upload

Step 2: Since these listings are live on Big Commerce, you are required to upload another file to add the identifiers back, so if the bigcommercelistingid was 12345 then your file would look like:

Need to check "Force" and "Skip All Channels" before you hit upload

Step 3: Once both above files have completed processing then create a new bulk file, skip all channels except BigCommerce, this way the item in SureDone will be tied to the BigCommerce listing once again.

And - make sure if you want to de-list an item from BigCommerce, you use SureDone to do so!