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How do I create a Support account?

Once you’ve finished going through the onboarding process and have gone through training videos, you can begin to make a new account in SureDone’s support portal (http://support.suredone.com/support/home). In the support site, you can log tickets with general questions on the platform as well as report issues you are experiencing. There is also a forum and solutions section to browse through for immediate answers and guidance.


To create a SureDone support account, you should go through the following steps:

1) Go to http://support.suredone.com/support/signup

2) Fill in your Full Name & Email, then click “Register”


3) Check email for confirmation link and click the link

4) Create new password and re-enter it, then click “Activate & Login”


Once you have created a new password and click “Activate & Login”, you should be able to create new tickets, read through solutions and forums.