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READ FIRST: About SureDone Office Hours

Welcome to the SureDone Office Hours forums. This forum is specifically focused on those participating in our office hours program. Please feel free to ask questions related to office hours here.

SureDone Office Hours, sometimes called "Ask a SureDone Expert", is a trial program where you can ask questions, live, of a SureDone team member.

Who can use SureDone Office Hours today?

  • Customers in onboarding
  • Customers spending $999+ in subscription fees

At a later time we may open the program to all customers. If you sign up for office hours and do not qualify, we will (unfortunately) have to decline your participation for the time being.

Here's the process for participating in Office Hours:

  1. Register for office hours at
  2. Attend the office hours and ask your question

Here are a few guidelines regarding office hours:

  • Make sure you are connected via both voice (including microphone) and screen as we may need to ask you additional questions in order to answer yours

  • Use the webinar “Raise Hand” button to indicate you have a question, or enter it into the question window

  • When we get to your question, we will unmute your microphone so you can speak with us

  • All Office Hours are public and recorded. Please keep this in mind when asking your questions

  • We will not log into your account during office hours in order to protect your company’s privacy

These sessions are primarily focused on general how-to’s and best practices. If you have questions about our API, automations, or complex questions, please use Asana, open a support ticket or speak with your onboarding representative.