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Product Listing Requirements

Adding items to Jet works similarly to adding items to any other channel. Once an item has been submitted it will be added to the SureDone queue and sent to Jet to be created. After Jet has finished processing the item, any subsequent price and inventory updates that have been made during that time will be sent. If multiple price and / or inventory changes have been made, only the latest price and inventory information will be sent.

Jet - Listing requirements:

  1. Jet requires all submitted products to have one of the following unique product identifiers: UPC, ASIN, GTIN, EAN, GTIN14, ISBN10, ISBN13.

  2. The value for multi-pack quantity field should be submitted in the product feed and it properly reflects the quantity of the product being sold.
  3. Image Requirement - High resolution image with white background and an area of minimum 40,000 pixels (eg: 200 x 200px)

Jet’s Unified Product Catalog

Jet.com uses a unique, product-oriented catalog where each product is given only one unique listing. To provide Jet Members the most economic value, the retailer fulfilling an order is not determined until check out. Because of this, a single product listing could be fulfilled by a variety of different retailers.

Jet curates each product listing using the best quality data provided by the retailers that fulfill each product. For example, the product title could come from Retailer A, but the description and image could come from Retailer B. To ensure that all products on the site are accurately represented, this catalog curation process involves several data checks before a product can go live on the Jet site.

The success of the unified product catalog relies upon accurate and thorough data from Jet retail partners. To speed up the review of your products, providing accurate data is key! If nothing else, please ensure that:

A. All information you provide represents the same product (e.g. Title, UPC, Description, Image, etc. all match)
B. The information you provide is about the product and isn’t retailer specific (e.g. No sales information like special promotions or shipping times or
branding on images)
C. If you cannot provide accurate or thorough data for your product, do not use fake or filler data (e.g. “No Brand” for the Product’s Brand). A rule of
thumb: It is much better to provide no data than inaccurate or fake data.

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