After you've created and authorized your new Walmart instance, you can start mapping your custom fields, similar to Amazon, in order to list items properly. 

Once you've authorized a Walmart instance, there will be a Custom Field Mapping link you can click on: 

When you click that, a modal will pop up to allow you to choose your Category and start mapping the Category Fields to SureDone custom fields:

Using the left drop down field, select a category to map custom fields for. After you've selected your Store Category, you can map each of the Category Fields to a SureDone custom field by clicking each dropdown and choosing the field you want to map to it. To learn how to create and add SureDone custom fields please see the following guide:

Walmart's full item specs can be located in the Add New Items section of your Walmart Seller Center. These specs are the authoritative source for which fields are required or optional for each category.

Please note that the following fields are required to be mapped regardless of whether they are used:

1. fulfillmentLagTime which can be found in Category > Inventory Fields"

2. saleEndDate which can be found in Category > Price Fields