User Permissions are used to control users and what type of access they have. You can assign up to three people with different or all the same permissions. An Admin can create or edit new users. A User cannot create or edit new users.  You will also see how you can specify the control of different areas of SureDone by the individual User.

1.  Click on Settings

2.  Click on Profile

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will see where you can enter up to 3 users and set their permissions.

Once here, you will enter the user’s name, email and password. At this point you will also choose the type of permission that was given in the beginning of this guide. Please click Update Profile to save.

5. Once the user is added, you may also change the person's Role and Status as shown below. For an example, if Jane Doe no longer works for the company, you may simply delete her. Just remember to click on Update to confirm and click Update Profile as shown above to save your changes.

Once the user is created, the permissions set will display. Here is where you’ll be able to set permissions for individual areas within SureDone.

As you can see above, different areas of SureDone are listed with the ability to alter permissions for the given User. You may modify each individual area. The permission definitions are as follows:

- the User has total access to create and modify

- the User may only look at the area with no ability to create or modify

- the User has not rights to view, create or modify

In the example below, you will see how access is denied to most areas of SureDone, but set Orders and Shipping to View. In this scenario, someone may just process orders, and that’s all the User really needs access to. This way any potential mishaps in other areas of your site would be avoided.

When a User attempts to go to an area you set as Deny, that User will get a message telling them so as shown below. If a User that is set to View tries to modify that area, a message like the one below will also appear.

Note: make sure you have the update button checked. This will save work at the individual User level.  As always, please remember to click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page to save what you just updated.

As you can see, User Permissions gives you complete control and the security you need in order to have multiple people using your SureDone software.