Before you start integration go to your Suredone account and download your UPS orders CSV.


To Download the UPS Orders CSV

a. go to “shipping” in the left sidebar

b. click the “ups export” tab

c. the file “suredone-orders-ups.csv” will download - you don’t need it yet but you can find it in your “downloads” folder


1. Open UPS worldship manager - If you don’t have it already installed, click here to download and install on your PC before moving to the next step.


2. Click “import/export data” in the navigation bar


3. In the drop down menu, select “Import/Export Wizard”


4. Select “Go to advanced wizard features...”


5. Click “Next’


6. Select “Connect my Data File to Worldship”


7. Click “Next”


8. Add your company name to the “Data Connection Name” field 

9. Click “browse”


10. Go to your “download” folder and locate the file you downloaded labeled “suredone-orders-ups.csv” then select it and click “open”


11. Make sure the “Datasource Type” is on “text file”


12. Click “Next”

13. Select “Continue Import/Export Process by Mapping my Data Fields”


14. Click “Next”


15. Select “Import Data”


16. Click “Next”


17. Click “Addresses”


18. Click “Next”


19. Drag n’ drop the corresponding fields in the left sidebar with the fields under the “addresses” tab - Then click on “order” in the left sidebar and click the button “define primary key” -  this is what the finished screen will look like

20. Add your company name under “map name”


21. Click “save map”


22. Select “Return to wizard Main Menu”


23. Click “Next”


24. Select “Go to advanced wizard feature...” 

25. Click “Next’


26. Select “Edit Existing Data Connection”


27. Click “Next”


28. Choose your company name

29. Click “Next”


30. Double check the “Datasource Type” is set to “Text File”


31. Select “Continue Import/Export Process by Mapping my Data fields”


32. Click “Next”

33. Select “Import Data”


34. Click “Next”


35. Select “Small Package Shipments”


36. Click “Next”


37. Select your SureDone UPS Orders CSV file

38 Click “Next”


39. Now map the same way you did from step # 19 but this time under the “Service” tab AND the “Ship From” tab  - Also don’t forget to define the primary key by clicking on the “order” field and clicking “define primary key” - Make sure to name your map with your company name plus the word “ship”


Drag n’ drop from the left sidebar into the fields under “shipment” so they are correlated - this is what the final screen will look like

40. Click “Save Map”


41. Select “Return to Wizard Main Menu”


42. Click “Next”