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SureDone Update 1/26/2016

We have made a few great updates to SureDone. Full information can be found by clicking here.

  • Products List: Skip Channels - Enabled skip channel functionality and popup for inline bulk.
  • Products List: Active Listing Links - Channel identifiers will now link to active listing on channel.
  • Products Editor: Amazon Mapped Specifics - Show mapped custom fields based on Amazon categories selected within the product editor.
  • Products Editor: Bigcommerce Brands - There is now a field for entering in new brands that will be created in Bigcommerce
  • Site - All site access for the SureDone app is now at This means you can view information at while logged into the application.
  • Warnings and Errors -  Responses with only warnings or notices now trigger a yellow toaster instead of the red one. The success and error ones are still green and red, respectively.
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